Taking a break from everyday life is not that easy. However, taking care of yourself is an absolute must, both for mental and physical health.

Spa trends that will ensure relaxation

Detox in comforting warmth: infrared sauna

What could be nicer in winter than warmth? Snuggling up in a blanket, taking a hot shower, or warming up with tea creates a cozy feeling. You can experience this feeling even more intensively in a sauna, more precisely in an infrared sauna. In contrast to a conventional sauna, the air is not heated here, which makes the body sweat. However, the infrared radiation heats the body directly from the inside, with the rays penetrating deep into the skin and thus creating a pleasant, warm feeling. This reduces stress and ensures an absolute wellness moment. You can either take a book with you, listen to relaxing music or just enjoy the silence.

The rays heat muscles and tissues in such a way that the parasympathetic nervous system relaxes.  This is responsible for muscle tension and digestion, among other things. Regular use can also lower high blood pressure, strengthen the immune system and possibly improve the quality of sleep.

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All-day spa stays

Treating yourself to a massage after work or a quick facial during your lunch break is a nice form of self-care. However, if you really want to unwind, clear your schedule for more than 30 minutes. The trend is clearly moving away from short visits for treatment and towards an all-day visit. This shows how important wellness and self-care are at this time and that both are becoming increasingly important in the lives of all generations.

With a whole day at the spa, it is much easier to switch off and let go of stress if you don’t have to keep an eye on the clock because another appointment is waiting. So it’s worth taking a day off, booking a massage AND a facial at spa St Louis, and spending a relaxing day there.

Weightless floating for deep relaxation

You can literally relax with the so-called floating. You lie down in a so-called “floating tank”, a basin or pool filled with warm, concentrated salt water, and simply let yourself drift. Due to the high salt content in the water, the body floats in the pool without touching it. Since floating tanks are in isolated rooms without external stimuli, the feeling of one’s own body limits should disappear.

This application helps with stress management as it aims to achieve deep relaxation on both mental and physical levels.