Even if it may seem like a health nightmare to indulge in a handful of sweets, there’s no reason to feel guilty about doing so on sometimes. Contrary to popular belief, however, sugary foods do have their advantages. Sweets, when consumed in moderation, can be helpful to one’s health in a number of ways, including providing a temporary energy boost and reducing stress.

Some Sugary Treats May Extend Your Lifespan

The lifespan of college-aged men who consumed sweets on a regular basis was found to be double that of their counterparts who did not in a study conducted in 1998. Anyone who ate sweets at all outlived those who never did.

The Effect of Chocolate on the Mind is Spectacular

Consuming chocolate treats is a delicious method to lower cardiovascular disease risk. Chocolate eaters, for instance, have been shown to have a 39% lower risk of dying due to a heart attack. Consuming just one chocolate bar weekly can reduce the risk of death from stroke by 46%.

Candies Restore Your Sense of Pleasure

The sugar in treats sparks happy thoughts of days gone by. When we taste a candy that we’re used to, we’re reminded of happier times, including birthday parties and holiday celebrations.