Social health is about encouraging good habits in ourselves, and the best way to do that is to offer others a chance to see how you’re doing it. 

You can start with sweets and make a little bit of a change in the world at the same time. 

The first time you offer sweets to a stranger, you might feel nervous. But don’t worry! That’s normal. You’re about to start a new habit that will improve your social health and well-being. 

Here’s a way you can improve your social health as soon as you start offering sweets to people you don’t know.

Be a Little more Generous

While offering snacks and other sweet treats is one way to improve your social health, offering a little more generosity is another way to start.

It could be something as simple as buying a cup of coffee for your coworker. You’re not required to do anything more than that, but you’re helping someone else out a little bit.

They may not even realize that you did it! But, in the end, your coworker will be a tiny bit happier and that will improve your social health.