What makes us special

  • Crafted with Michigan beet sugar, Ohio glucose, and Indiana cornstarch

  • Ingredients: glucose, beet sugar, gelatin, natural flavorings, water, powdered beet sugar, cornstarch, and salt. Made in facility that uses nut products.

Over 150 gourmet marshmallow flavors enjoyed!

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Marshmallow of the Month
Featured Flavors

April2014Spring Crunch

April2014Peanut Caramel Crunch

April2014Amaretto and Toasted Almonds

March2014Bananas Foster

March2014Toasted Pecan

March2014Spicy Tabasco and Chocolate

February2014Champagne with Strawberries

February2014White Chocolate Caramel

February2014Chocolate Obscenity

January2014Crème Brûlée


January2014Chocolate Chip

December2013Hot Mess

December2013Irish Cream


October2013German Chocolate

October2013Reeses Peanut Butter Cup

October2013King of Pop

September2013Bourbon Caramel Swirl

September2013Cinnamon Graham

September2013New Fangled Confection Crunch

August2013Dark Chocolate


August2013Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter

July2013Spirited Away

July2013Peachy Peach

July2013Caramel S'more

June2013Ooey Gooey Butter Cake


June2013Strawberry Lemonade

May2013Breakfast of Champions

May2013Chocolate Chip Swirl

May2013Bananas Foster

April2013Grab Bag

March2013Best Boy Balsamic Fudge

March2013Blackberry Merlot

March2013Carrot Cake

February2013Love Stinks!


February2013Mayan Spice Chocolate

November2012Dill Pickle

November2012Fourth of July Mix


October2012Maple with Bourbon Sugar

October2012Hoppy Halloween

October2012Starry Night

September2012Strawberry Hazelnut Swirl

September2012Peppermint Lemonade Twist

September2012Blueberry with Goat's Milk Cajeta

August2012White Chocolate Chip

August2012Sweet Corn

August2012Guinness Stout

July2012Salty Caramel Twist

July2012Super Vanilla Bean

July2012State Fair Elephant Ear

June2012Strawberry Basil


June2012Crunchy Peanut Butter

May2012Chocolate Surprise

May2012Bourbon Sugar Bourbon

May2012Pineapple & Jalapeno

April2012Cara Cara with White Chocolate


April2012Spring Crunch


March2012Cinnamon Toast

March2012Dirty Leprechaun

February2012Black Raspberry Passion Fruit

February2012Super Crunch


January2012Peanut Butter Banana

January2012Caramel Chocolate Chip

January2012Year of the Dragon Crunch


December2011Sticky Toffee Pudding

December2011Pomegranate Kick

November2011Bacon Chocolate Chip

November2011Maple and Brown Sugar

November2011Pumpkin Pecan

October2011Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl

October2011Caramel Apple

October2011Abbey of Gethsemani Pawpaw

September2011Fruit Punch

September2011Bourbon Sugar Churro with Cajeta

September2011Dark Chocolate Chip Coconut

August2011Peanut Butter and Jelly

August2011Blackberry Lemonade Twist

August2011Banana Split

July2011Sweet Corn


July2011Banana Pudding


June2011Hoosier Strawberry

June2011Vanilla Lavender

May2011Cherry Limeade

May2011Chocolate Caramel

May2011Sun King Brewery Ring of Dingle

April2011Roasted Coconut

April2011Carrot and Gingersnaps

April2011Chocolate Covered Pretzel

March2011Crunchy Cinnamon


March2011Chocolate Chocolate Chip

February2011Bananas Foster

February2011Key Lime

February2011Raspberry Chocolate Chip

January2011Coffee Chocolate Chip

January2011Pineapple and Mango

January2011Banana Cinnamon

December2010Very Vanilla Bean


December2010Candy Cane

November2010Pumpkin Pie

November2010Turkey with Sage Dressing

November2010Cranberry and White Chocolate

October2010Saffron and Pistachio

October2010Cookies and Cream

October2010Chocolate Chip Caramel

September2010Sweet Potato and Ginger

September2010Pawpaw Almond

September2010Caramel Apple

August2010Sour Lemon Shake Up

August2010Cotton Candy

August2010Crunchy Cinnamon


July2010Caramel Pecan Praline

July2010Blackberry Vanilla

June2010Cherry Limeade

June2010Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Malted Milk Balls

May2010Roasted Pineapple

May2010Banana Pudding

May2010Honey Lavender

April2010Chocolate Chip Caramel

April2010Peanut Butter and Jelly

April2010Triple Berry

March2010Chocolate Chocolate Chip


February2010Pomegranate Rose

February2010Chocolate Swirl

February2010Blood Orange

January2010Dr. Peppery

January2010White Chocolate Snow

January2010Winter Spice

Classic Flavors

Dark Chocolate: A dense puff

Peppermint: Made with organic peppermint oil for a blast of flavor

Very Vanilla Bean: With organic Tahitian vanilla beans

Farmers' Market Favorites

Banana Cinnamon: A South American inspired flavor with cinnamon and banana

Blueberry with Goat's Milk Cajeta: 

Caramel Apple: With hand-pressed cider and our caramel

Carrot: We juice organic carrots to make this puff extra sweet

Cherry: With cherries from Michigan

Cucumber: Cool and sweet, this puff is a genuine summer treat.

Ghost Pepper: The world's hottest pepper is now one of Chef Alexa's marshmallow ingredients.

Hoosier Strawberry: With local strawberries dried inside and out.

Key Lime: Includes the zest of the key limes juiced for this puff

Lychee: We use the favorite fruit of the Chinese Imperial Court in this puff

Mango: We roast the national fruit of India, Pakistan and the Philippines for this flavor

Meyer Lemon: Seasonal and citrusy

Passion Fruit: We can't blame anyone for being obsessed and infatuated with this puff

Peach: In season, we use fresh peaches from a local orchard

Peachy Peach: Fresh summer peaches in a peachy puff!

Pineapple and Jalapeno: Roasted Pineapple is combined with fresh jalapeno's to make this refreshing puff.

Pineapple and Mango: Roasted pineapple and fresh mango blended together

Pomegranate Kick: 

Pumpkin Pecan: Chef Alexa caps a pumpkin marshmallow with sugar-kissed pecans.

Pumpkin Spice: Sweetly spiced pumpkin puff for autumn.

Roasted Pineapple: You've never had pineapple like this

Strawberry: We use organic berries to make these field fresh puffs

Strawberry Basil: Alexa combines fresh Indiana strawberries with organic basil in this refreshing puff.

Sweet Corn: A caramel puff dusted with dried corn.

Sweet Potato & Candied Ginger: A lightly flavored puff with candied ginger on the outside

Triple Berry: A blend of organic strawberries, blackberries and blueberries


Blueberry Lemonade: Chef Alexa blends wild blueberries and organic lemons with zest in this fun combination of flavors.

Bourbon Sugar Bourbon: Crunchy bourbon barrel aged sugar coats a puff made with sweet Kentucky bourbon.

Chai Spice: We blend the spicy tea ourselves for this puff

Champagne: Chef Alexa uses real champagne to make this light and airy puff.

Champagne with Strawberries: This flavor sings with the sweetness of organic strawberry dust atop a puff made with real bubbly.

Cherry Limeade: Our ode to the drive-in favorite

Coffee: We use Hubbard and Cravens small batch coffee in this puff

Cranberry Grand Marnier: A winter holiday favorite crafted with one of our favorite beverages

Dr. Peppery: A fluffy puff with the flavor of that tangy sweet soda

Draft Beer: Chef Alexa uses real draft beer to create this fun puff perfect for the beer lover!

Fruit Punch: A crazy blend of tropical flavors!

Irish Cream: Smooth and silky puff with a bit of a whisky kick! This flavor was suggested by Taylor Riley of the Fennimore FFA!

Lavender Lemonade: A summer classic enhanced with fresh taste of lavender.

Lemonade: We use organic lemons and their zest to create Sam's favorite puff.

Margarita: A tart and citrusy puff reminiscent of the Mexican cocktail

Mocha: Smoky espresso and dark chocolate puff. This flavor was suggested by Georgianna Lochotzki from the Fremont Ross FFA!

Mojito: With organic spearmint and lime

Mt.Dew: Mt.Dew marshmallow!

Piña Colada: Do you like getting caught in the rain?

Pumpkin Chai: Great for sweet potato casserole

Root Beer: Max's favorite beverage in a puff

Sour Lemon Shake Up: The State Fair favorite in a puff

Strawberry Daquiri: Fresh strawberries with a little lime

Strawberry Lemonade: A tart lemonade puff dusted with sweet strawberry powder.

Sun King Brewery Ring of Dingle: Chef Alexa and Master Brewer Dave collaborated to create a marshmallow that tastes like "beer sugar" before it is fermented. Learn more about Sun King.

Sweet Tea: Southern hospitality in a puff

Twist and Shout!

Blackberry Lemonade Twist: Blackberry and lemonade marshmallow twisted together

Blackberry Twist: Blackberry and Very Vanilla Bean together


Biscoff Crunch: Biscoff spread swirled through a marshmallow that is coated with pieces of biscoff cookies!

Black Raspberry Passion Fruit: a puff topped with pate de fruit

Blueberry Swirl: Blueberry jam swirled through a Very Vanilla Bean puff

Caramel Swirl: Ribbons of handmade caramel swirled through a Very Vanilla Bean puff

Chocolate Caramel: Our handmade caramel swirled through a Dark Chocolate puff

Chocolate Caramel Swirl: Our handmade caramel swirled through a Dark Chocolate puff

Chocolate Chocolate Swirl: Chocolate syrup swirled through a Dark Chocolate puff

Chocolate Covered Pretzel: Chef Alexa caps a Salty Caramel puff with milk chocolate pretzels

Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl: Everyone's favorite hazelnut and chocolate spread swirled through a Very Vanilla Bean puff

Chocolate Swirl: Chocolate syrup swirled through a Very Vanilla Bean puff

Nutella: Everyone's favorite hazelnut and chocolate spread swirled through a Very Vanilla Bean puff

Peanut Butter Banana: Banana puffs with crunchy peanut butter swirls and dusted with banana crunch dust

Salty Caramel Swirl: Ribbons of handmade caramel and Maldon sea salt swirled through a Very Vanilla Bean puff

Chef's Selection

Abbey of Gethsemani Pawpaw: Pawpaw marshmallows coated in crunchy bourbon barrel aged sugar.

Amaretto and Toasted Almonds: A decadent amaretto marshmallow covered with toasted, slivered almonds and ground chocolate.

Amaretto Crunch: Almond puff with amaretti cookies on top and bottom

Ambrosia: Roasted coconut and toasted almonds swirled into our classic vanilla puff.

Beef: Tastes just like canned beef stew. The perfect sugar-free, allergen-free treat for your pet!

Best Boy Balsamic Fudge: Best Boy & Co.'s Balsamic Hot Fudge Sauce swirled through our Very Vanilla Bean puff.

Blackberry Merlot: Crafted with fresh, organic blackberries and sweet Merlot wine.

Bourbon Caramel Swirl: Ribbons of creamy caramel in a Kentucky bourbon blessed marshmallow.

Bourbon Sugar & Vanilla: Our classic very vanilla bean puff coated with crunchy, bourbon barrel aged sugar crystals.

Bourbon Sugar Churro with Cajeta: Crunchy demerara sugar aged in a bourbon barrel is mixed with Saigon cinnamon to coat the out side of a very vanilla bean puff swirled with handmade goat's milk

Breakfast of Champions: Chef Alexa creates a salty cornflake toffee to crown her bourbon marshmallows!

Carrot and Gingersnaps: Organic carrot juice puff capped with zesty gingersnap cookies

Carrot Cake: Organic carrots twisted with cream cheese marshmallow and dusted with cinnamon sugar and crushed pecans.

Chicken: Our dogs' favorite puff is fine for humans, too

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter: 

Chocolate Chip Swirl: Dark chocolate ribbons swirled through our classic vanilla puff, capped with mini chips.

Chocolate Chipotle: Ole!

Chocolate Decadence: Dark and delicious! a must for the chocolate lover!

Chocolate Obscenity: So decadent it is XXX of a chocolate puff swirled through with fudge and mini chocolate chips.

Chocolate Surprise: A dark chocolate puff with milk, white, and mini dark chocolate chips.

Cinnamon Graham: Crunchy graham cracker crumble and sweetly spiced cinnamon marshmallow.

Cinnamon Toast: Coated with dehydrated cinnamon toast, this buttery puff is best enjoyed lightly roasted.

Coal: For people who are naughty and nice! Dark chocolate puff infused with organic peppermint oil and topped with Organic Newman O's

Crème Brûlée: A rich vanilla custard puff with a touch of toasted caramel.

Crunchy Peanut Butter: Salty peanuts atop a peanut butter marshmallow.

Dark Chocolate Chip Coconut: A tribute to Sam's favorite candy bar! Mini dark chocolate chips top a coconut stuffed puff

Dark Chocolate Peppermint: Yum...a dark chocolate marshmallow with peppermint oil for a blast of freshness.

Dill Pickle: Chef Alexa uses real dill pickles to create this delicious puff for your favorite pucker lover.

German Chocolate: Our Oktoberfest confection is a dense chocolate puff, adorned with ribbons of caramel and roasted pecans plus coconut on top.

Honey Lavender: Made with Hoosier wildflower honey and organic lavender

Hot Mess: Super spicy wasabi and sweet ginger puff. This winning flavor was suggested by Paula Bodenhamer of the Dora FFA!

King of Pop: Our October Marshmallow of the Month is a thriller! A creamy lemon puff with crisp, chocolate-coated pop rocks swirled into the mix.

Love Stinks!: An exotic puff flavored with Thai Durian fruit. It's a creamy sweet treat with a unique bouquet!

Mayan Spice Chocolate: Our classic vanilla puff is topped with premier Mayan Spice chocolate provided by Chocolate for the Spirit

New Fangled Confection Crunch: Crisp Frittle candy, Sweet & Spicy Pecans, and goat's milk cajeta marshmallow.

Peanut Butter & Bacon: Mmm...Need we say more?

Peanut Caramel Crunch: Vanilla puff with a salty caramel ribbon swirl with extra salty peanuts mixed in.

Pineapple & Jalapeno: Chef Alexa roasts organic pineapple and juices fresh jalapenos for this fabulous puff.

Pomegranate Rose: Aphrodite's favorite

Red Bean and Sesame: Adzuki beans make this puff sweet

Reeses Peanut Butter Cup: A classic candy special for trick-or-treaters of all ages! All-natural Reeses mini peanut butter cups cap our creamy original vanilla marshmallow.

Roasted Coconut: A coconut puff with roasted coconut exterior

Scrumdiliumpcious: Peanut Butter, Caramel and Mini Chocolate Chips

Smoke: love smoked foods here in Marshmallowland, so we created this awesome puff out of the smokiest lapsang souchong we could find. Then, we coated it with our hickory smoked demerara sugar.

Spirited Away: A mystical blend of Mezcal, ripe blackberries, juicy lime, and sweet coconut.

Spring Crunch: Inspired by second year Marshmallow of the Month Club member Mike Dorenbusch, this puff has a bright pink beet sugar crust with a vanilla center. This is Chef Alexa's ode to the Easter basket marshmallow chicks of her childhood.

Sriracha: Chef Alexa uses Vietnamese spicy hot sauce to create this flavorful puff.

Super Crunch: Chef Alexa created this limited edition puff to commemorate the Super Bowl's visit to Indianapolis. This decadent creation includes a Salty Caramel puff capped with bacon/cashew/chocolate brittle.

Sweet Potato and Ginger: A fall favorite

Thai Chili: With kaffir lime leaves, coconut milk, galangal and bird's eye chilies and black sesame seeds

Turkey with Sage Dressing: Just like Thanksgiving dinner

Vanilla Lavender: Organic lavender and vanilla beans make a light puff

Vanilla Rose: Fragrant with summer love

Winter Spice: Intoxicatingly warm spices toast up a winter's night

Year of the Dragon Crunch: with red bean pate de fruit and sesame seeds


Bacon Chocolate Chip: Our Very Vanilla Bean puff topped with bacon bits and mini chocolate chips

Bacon, Maple, and Toffee: We use Indiana maple syrup and bacon in this puff topped with toffee chips

Banana Chocolate Chip: Have you ever enjoyed a chocolate dipped banana?

Bourbon Ball: A Bourbon marshmallow topped with mini chocolate chips and pecans it is a southern tradition in puff form!

Caramel Chocolate Chip: A Caramel puff capped with mini chips

Chocolate Chip: One of our original concoctions with Very Vanilla Bean puff capped with mini chips

Chocolate Chip Coconut: With toasted coconut flakes

Chocolate Chocolate Chip: Dark Chocolate puff topped with mini chocolate chip decadence

Chocolate Suprise: It is a chocolate marshmallow that is topped with dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate chips it is a chocolate lovers dream!

Coffee Chocolate Chip: With Hubbard and Cravens coffee

Ghost Pepper S'more: A ghost pepper marshmallow topped with graham crackers and mini chocolate chips!

Mocha Hazelnut Chip: A rich chocolate marshmallow swirled with chocolate hazelnut butter and capped with mini chocolate chips.

Peppermint & White Chocolate: A blast of organic peppermint oil in the puff and ground white chocolate on the outside makes this taste like the holidays.

Peppermint Chip: Better than a peppermint patty

Snickerlicious: Caramel marshmallow capped with peanuts and mini chocolate chips

Starry Night: Chef Alexa caps a dark chocolate puff with ground white chocolate and mini chocolate chips.

Toffee and Chocolate Chip: Very Vanilla Bean puff capped with toffee and mini chocolate chips

Turtle: Caramel puffs topped with mini chocolate chips and pecans

White Chocolate Caramel: This flavor contains swirls of handmade caramel goodness through a vanilla puff capped with ground white chocolate

White Chocolate Chip: Classic vanilla puff capped with creamy ground white chocolate

White Chocolate Cranberry: Ground white chocolate topping a cranberry puff

White Chocolate Snow: Our Very Vanilla Bean puff topped with ground white chocolate.

Sweet Treats

Banana Pudding: Our banana puff topped with vanilla wafers. Note: not gluten free

Candy Cane: Crunched up candy canes top a Very Vanilla Bean puff

Caramel S'more: Ribbons of rich caramel sweeten the deal in this classic puff.

Cookies and Cream: All natural O's atop our Very Vanilla Bean puff. Note: not gluten free

Crunchy Cinnamon: Saigon cinnamon and granulated sugar coat a Very Vanilla Bean puff

Key Lime Pie: Tart, tropical lime puff with a sweet graham cracker crust.

Ooey Gooey Butter Cake: A rich puff based on the down home dessert classic. Cream cheese marshmallow is capped with a crumbly cake crust, dusted with powdered sugar.

Paydayagogo: A wonderful combination of salty peanuts with caramel and marshmallow.

Praline: Caramel puff topped with decadent New Orleans pecan pralines

S'more: Very Vanilla Bean puff topped with mini chocolate chips and graham cracker. Note: not gluten free

Strawberry Cheesecake: Rich cheesecake marshmallow swirled with fresh strawberries

Super Vanilla Bean: A vanilla marshmallow that is enhanced with our own vanilla extract.


Grab Bag: Our Marshmallow of the Month club members will receive a surprise package and no two packages will be the same