When it comes to food, we often think in extremes. 

Why You should Eat Sweets

There are the healthy eaters, who eat only vegetables and fruits and avoid anything with added sugar, and then there are the binge eaters, who gorge on sweets and carbs every chance they get. 

The truth is, majority of us would be guilty to be in between. We know that eating foods with added sugar can make us feel jittery and leave us craving more, but we also know that eating a few sweets now and then won’t do any harm. 

It contains Essential Vitamins and Minerals

When you eat foods that contain added sugar, the metabolizing process is sped up, meaning that the nutrients your body needs are broken down much more quickly than they normally would be.

This can leave you feeling hungry soon after eating, and craving sugary foods. This can disrupt your metabolism and lead to weight gain, and build up of fat around your belly and hips.

Instead of eating foods that contain added sugar, which can leave you feeling hungry or craving more, try eating foods that are high in vitamins and minerals, which will help keep your body running smoothly and release energy slowly.