Visiting a Dentist Broadway dental clinic in Vancouver, B.C. was a health care practice that low and middle income Canadians used to avoid because it was just too expensive. As matter of fact, a study conducted in 2018 revealed that about ⅓ of Canada’s population did not have dental insurance coverage. Statitstics revealed that more than one in every five Canadians surveyed admitted to have avoided dentists simply because of the related costs.
Broadway in Vancouver, Canada by the way, is a major thoroughfare in the province of British Columbia, where a new housing plan was approved for integration by the city council in June 2022. The 30-year plan is to build amenities and fresh job opportunities to support the new Broadway Subway system; thus the opening of dental clinics in the area.

Fortunately for many Canadians, the reports covering the issue tackled by the 2018 survey, made headway; enough to make the federal government take notice and roll out certain programs as actions.

The Canadian Federal Government Implements the Canadian Dental Program

In 2022, the federal government of Canada demonstrated its commitment to helping the poor people of Canada by establishing the Canadian Dental Coverage Program. A government initiative that provides dental care subsidies to help the low and mid-income families shoulder the costs of dental care needs of children below 12 years old, the elderly and persons with disability below 18 years old.

Actually, the government’s initiatives are still ongoing as the goals is to establish a comprehensive and long term dental care program across all states and territories. The Canadian federal government has in fact involved private industries in executing designs that will allow the program to launch in specific timelines. To cite as example, the Canadian government aims to build a dental care program that will give households with income of $90K annually, dental care insurance by year 2025.

The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP)

Many have the misconception that the Canadian Dental Care Plan provides free dental care costs to the citizens of Canada. To set things straight, the CDCP program the Canadian Dental Coverage Plan launched by the federal government in 2022 furnishes dental care coverage for the uninsured children of low and mid-income families, aged 12 years and below, as well as the senior citizens and persons with disabilities belonging to households with annual income of less than $90K. Moreover, members of households with less than $70K a year, are fully covered by the CDCP.

The dental care coverage will help pay for the cost of basic and preventive dental care services such as teeth cleaning, fillings and X-Rays.