The stomach is the problem area for many women. It is not only an optical factor that can drive you to want to reduce the rolls on this part of the body. It also makes sense from a health point of view. Of course, it is an advantage to tackle abdominal weight loss with sports units such as strength and endurance training. But there are also other areas, such as our diet, that make an important contribution to success.

Due to estrogens, women, in particular, have to struggle with excess abdominal fat, as the fat is stored in these places.

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Why is belly fat so dangerous for your health?

There are other consequences that make it clear how unhealthy belly fat really is and that you should try to get rid of it. There is a recommended waist circumference for both women and men. For females, this should be less than approx. 80 cm and for males less than approx. 94 cm.

How important this becomes clear not least from the fact that high blood pressure and diabetes in particular can be caused by the accumulation of fat around the digestive organs. The fat that fills the abdominal cavity is called visceral fat. This can finally bring about the formation of messenger substances. This, in turn, promotes insulin production and thus causes inflammation. In the worst case, even a heart attack or stroke results from the excess pounds in this region of our body.

What foods promote belly fat?

In addition to a lot of foods that help the problem area on the stomach disappear quickly, there are of course also those that make it difficult to lose weight and, in the worst case, even promote visceral fat. Of course, it is obvious that products made of white flour play into the hands of stubborn belly fat. The simple carbohydrates they contain quickly find themselves as fat pads in precisely this region of the body.

The situation is similar with sweet juices and alcohol, for example, drinks that contain a lot of sugar and calories. Again, you should consume these in moderation. If you also avoid industrially manufactured sweets and unhealthy snacks, you deprive belly fat of its breeding ground to continue to gain weight.