We would like to thank you for your support of 240sweet over the past 10 years. Your love of gourmet marshmallows and good food mean the world to all of us. The excitement and joy you share with us at shopping events, marshmallow making classes, by email, and on social media make our hearts happy. 

That’s why it is bittersweet to announce the end of 240sweet. On September 08, we’ll stop production of gourmet marshmallows and hot chocolates. We’re launching a new line of sugar-free, low-carb, and gluten-free treats, spices, and foods. You’ll experience Chef Alexa’s flavors in new forms. Watch for our KetoLuxe cookbook so that you can make simple, gourmet dishes for family and friends.


This year, we had to make a big change. Sam was diagnosed with severe Type 2 Diabetes. The diagnosis was the impetus for us to take a look at our lives and diet to see what we could do. Cutting out refined sugar was the first thing. Then, Chef Alexa began cooking ketogenic lifestyle foods.

We knew that we would be changing what we ate and how we exercised to combat diabetes. However, we weren't prepared for the amazing impact KetoLuxe would have on our entire lives and businesses. Together, we’ve lost over 90 pounds and a lot of inches while gaining strength, stamina, and energy. Sam was able to go off insulin and other diabetes medication in just two months. Her doctor let us know she had never taken anyone off medication who had this diagnosis. We made her day!


As we focus on health and taking control of our lives, we find that we need to shift our business to promoting and supporting you in health journeys. Making 240sweet marshmallows doesn’t fit our new outlook. Each day, you share with us how amazed you are at our new looks and energy levels. So, we’re writing cook books, posting motivational tips, and teaching classes on living the KetoLuxe life on our new website ( For our Artisan Foodworks customers, we are introducing sugar-free, low-carb, and gluten-free dishes to serve your catering event guests, in addition to, our other delicious menus.

Visit for our Keto Candied Bacon on a Stick recipe (more to follow) and a get-started guide. A webstore will be up soon so that you can order treats, spices, and more. Join us on this journey to embracing your health and life in a new way.

Thank you,

Chef Alexa, Sam, and all of us at 240sweet


Sweeties are encouraged to stock up on marshmallows before they are gone. The final marshmallow making class and experience will be on Saturday, September 08, 2018. People with gift certificates are urged to sign up now at



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