2015 FFA Flavor Contest Winner

Meet our FFA Flavor Contest Winner: Bryce George Najvar

Bryce chose this flavor because it is a delicious dessert that his mom makes for their family during special occasions.  She learned how to make Baklava from her roommate, who was from Greece, and the recipe was passed down from generation to generation. The dessert is made with the perfect combination of Phyllo dough, cinnamon, nuts, and honey.

Bryce is born and raised in Hallettsville Texas. He is very involved in the FFA and also enjoy raising animals. For many years, he have raised commercial heifers and steers. This year, he decided to try something new and he chose to raise a goat along with commercial heifers. He loves anything with the outdoors. His hobbies include reading, raising animals, kayaking, dancing, hiking, eating, golfing, and fishing. 

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I can’t wait to try this flavor. It must be rich and wonderful.

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