Meet Us: Jo Linda Meier

Jo Linda was born and raised in the Columbus area, but she has lived in Lafayette, IN; Auburn, AL; Blacksburg, VA; Indianapolis, IN; and now back home in Columbus, IN with her daughter.

Fun fact about Jo Linda, she has extensive nativity collection. It innocently started in 1977 when she bought 3 very different nativities/Holy Family items. Over the years, it's grown to over 300. This includes ornaments, statues, figurines, cards and other miscellaneous categories. And no, she don't display them all at any one time. She keeps a few out all-year long, pull additional ones out for Christmas, and put the ones away that have been out all year. Does she have favorites? Yes, a few: a former boyfriend carved and stained a wooden set of silhouettes using a set his father had made as a pattern; she bought a hand-blown glass nativity creche and figurines in Venice. It fits in your hand and the individual pieces are an inch or smaller; and she bought one of Xenia Miller's nativities from her collection that was donated for a fundraising auction. (Xenia was the wife of J. Irwin Miller founder of Cummins.)

Outside of 240sweet, she is the leader of a Bible Study that includes ladies from a couple of rural churches in the area. Right now, they are studying Esther. 

In her free time, she enjoys reading, going to the theatre and movies, and cooking.  Now, she says her cooking is nothing like Chef Alexa’s, but she does enjoy continually trying new recipes. When she was married, her husband would joke:  "Didn't you make this before? Maybe 2 or 3 years ago?"


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