Meet Karen, a Breast Cancer Survivor

Karen reached out to us, 240sweet, and asked for pink marshmallows for her Komen Race for the Cure. We were delighted to help. We told Chef Alexa and she immediately thought, let's make some delicious Pink Lemonade marshmallows!  

Karen first heard about us from her daughter, Lauren. Lauren and her husband Zeke, who is Sam and Chef Alexa’s nephew, had our marshmallows at their wedding as a favor and everyone loved them. 

To help support Karen and the Komen Race for the Cure, we are offering the Pink Lemonade marshmallows on our website. These marshmallows are a limited edition, and for every bag sold, we’ll donate $2.40 in honor of Karen.

Here is her story:

I had my first baseline mammogram when I was 33.   During my annual exam that year, my doctor felt something that just didn’t seem right, so he scheduled the mammogram even though baselines aren't usually performed until you are 40.  Nothing showed up in the first mammogram.  I continued to get one each year after that, and every time, I’d be called back in for a follow-up diagnostic mammogram, but results were always negative.  When I was told I needed to come back in for a diagnostic mammogram in 2010, I didn’t think anything about it since I’d been doing this follow-up routine for 14 years.  This time, however, was different and I had to go in for a couple of biopsies.  The results came back from the biopsies - one was negative, the other was positive.  When I got the news, I had just about every possible emotion go through my mind, but then after about 30 seconds, I thought that was ridiculous and was time to get my head straight and kick cancer to the curb! 

After the diagnosis, there were surgeries and 17 rounds chemo.  I was determined to maintain as much of my normal life as I could.  When the weather was nice, I'd even ride my bike to my treatments (about 30 miles round trip).  No way was I going to let cancer take over!

My mammogram found the cancer before I ever felt a lump.  If you’re over 40 or have other high risks, and haven’t scheduled your annual mammogram, please make that the number 1 priority on your list of things to do today! 

This will be my sixth race.  My first race was in 2011 it was freezing cold and I was completely bald!  The next year, I was a Komen ambassador and got to help lead the survivor parade! It was still cold, but at least I had hair (although it was short).  This year, the forecast is for sunshine and 70 – perfect day to support Komen and the work they do!

For those who aren’t familiar with Central Indiana Komen, 75% of proceeds from the Race for the Cure go directly women (and men) right here in central Indiana to help pay for screenings, assistance with treatment, education and survivor support.  They help fund mammograms for those who may not be able to afford one on their own……and without a mammogram, I most likely wouldn’t be here telling my story today!  

Last year, Komen helped fund over 50,000 life-saving breast health services, including mammograms, diagnostics, patient navigation and survivor support more than 20,000 individuals in Central Indiana. 

So that’s 75% of the proceeds, what about the other 25%?  Well that goes directly to research – we will find a cure, but that takes money and resources.  Together, we can end breast cancer!

If you’re interested in learning more about Karen, the Komen Race for the Cure or donating, here is her donation page:

Thanks so much for your support of Komen!

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Cathy Chappell - former owner of Ashley's Gift and Basket Company

What a touching story. Two years ago my brother and sister in law had two daughters. The youngest daughter died June 1, 2014 after years of fighting breast cancer. The older daughter died April 18, 2015 after also fighting breast cancer for years. Together they left behind 6 children. One month after the death of the second daughter their mother,my sister in law was diagnosed with what else, breast cancer. One month later my daughter Ashley, a young widow raising a daughter by herself was also diagnosed with breast cancer. This dreaded disease has devastated my family. Pray for a cure.

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