Our Story

Partners Alexa Lemley and Samantha Aulick hand-craft
artisan treats in Columbus,

Originally,we made marshmallows to give to our catering customers. Soon, people begin clamoring for more puffs. 240Sweet was born.

On Television

Did you see us make marshmallows on Indy Style?
We had a great time being on the show. If you missed the live broadcast, you can still watch it online.

Our staff

Chef Alexa Lemley

Chef Alexa began working in her family's catering business in the 1980s.

Marketing Manager Sam

Sam began working at Lemley's Catering in the 1980's.

What Makes us Different

We craft our treats in small batches with local, all-natural and organic ingredients. First, we look for local foods to flavor the marshmallows. If we can't find items locally, we make sure to use organic. We don't use any preservatives, stabilizers, artificial colors or artificial flavors. 240Sweet treats include Michigan beet sugar, Ohio glucose and Indiana corn starch. We use organic Tahitian beans to make our own vanilla extract.

Our customers often comment on the minimal packaging of our treats. Since there isn't an outer box, no resources are wasted. The ribbon across the top of the bag is made in the United States and is the greenest option available to reclose the packaging. The labels are printed just a few miles from our kitchen.

Recognition of Chef Alexa's Artistry

In 2009, Chef Alexa was inducted into Indiana Artisan for 240Sweet Artisan Marshmallows. "An Indiana Artisan is a Hoosier recognized for careful attention to detail, knowledge of a craft and an entrepreneurial spirit. Their extraordinary talent contributes to Indiana's reputation for quality work."

The same year, Chef Alexa was the Artist in Residence at the
Indiana State Museum.
During this time, she demonstrated the Art of Making Marshmallows to museum visitors.