Marshmallow of the Month Featured Flavors

July2015Roasted Coconut
July2015Upland Wheat Beer
July2015Peppermint White Chocolate
June2015Raspberry White Chocolate
June2015Bourbon Brown Sugar
June2015Cookies and Cream
May2015Chocolate Sprinkled Donut
May2015Lime & White Chocolate Crunch
May2015Churro with Cajeta
April2015Strawberry Lemonade
April2015Bourbon Pecan Pie
March2015Maple and Brown Sugar
March2015Saffron and Pistachio
March2015Cotton Candy Crunch
February2015Deep Dark Chocolate
February2015Strawberry and Fig Balsamic
January2015Kansas City Rum Cake
January2015Chocolate Chip
January2015Salty Caramel Swirl
December2014Birthday Cake
December2014Chocolate Peanut Crunch
December2014White Chocolate Decadence
November2014Coconut Chocolate Chip
November2014Chocolate Extravaganza
November2014Caramel Peanut
October2014Banana Pudding
October2014Mocha Chip
October2014Caramel Apple
September2014Dark Chocolate Chip Coconut
September2014Lime Mint
September2014Hickory Vanilla
August2014Blueberry Streusel
August2014Gin and Tonic
August2014Goat's Milk Caramel
July2014Hoosier Momma Bloody Mary and Bacon
July2014Red Velvet Cake
June2014Strawberry Peppercorn
June2014Chocolate Chip Cookie
May2014Bourbon Ball
May2014Sugar Cookie
April2014Spring Crunch
April2014Amaretto and Toasted Almonds
April2014Peanut Caramel Crunch
March2014Bananas Foster
March2014Spicy Tabasco and Chocolate
March2014Toasted Pecan
February2014Chocolate Obscenity
February2014Champagne with Strawberries
February2014White Chocolate Caramel
January2014Crème Brûlée
January2014Chocolate Chip
December2013Irish Cream
December2013Hot Mess
October2013Reeses Peanut Butter Cup
October2013King of Pop
October2013German Chocolate
September2013New Fangled Confection Crunch
September2013Bourbon Caramel Swirl
September2013Cinnamon Graham
August2013Dark Chocolate
August2013Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter
July2013Spirited Away
July2013Peachy Peach
July2013Caramel S'more
June2013Ooey Gooey Butter Cake
June2013Strawberry Lemonade
May2013Bananas Foster
May2013Breakfast of Champions
May2013Chocolate Chip Swirl
April2013Grab Bag
March2013Best Boy Balsamic Fudge
March2013Carrot Cake
March2013Blackberry Merlot
February2013Mayan Spice Chocolate
February2013Love Stinks!
November2012Fourth of July Mix
November2012Dill Pickle
October2012Maple with Bourbon Sugar
October2012Hoppy Halloween
October2012Starry Night
September2012Strawberry Hazelnut Swirl
September2012Peppermint Lemonade Twist
September2012Blueberry with Goat's Milk Cajeta
August2012Guinness Stout
August2012Sweet Corn
August2012White Chocolate Chip
July2012Salty Caramel Twist
July2012Super Vanilla Bean
July2012State Fair Elephant Ear
June2012Strawberry Basil
June2012Crunchy Peanut Butter
May2012Chocolate Surprise
May2012Bourbon Sugar Bourbon
May2012Pineapple & Jalapeno
April2012Spring Crunch
April2012Cara Cara with White Chocolate
March2012Cinnamon Toast
March2012Dirty Leprechaun
February2012Super Crunch
February2012Black Raspberry Passion Fruit
January2012Caramel Chocolate Chip
January2012Peanut Butter Banana
January2012Year of the Dragon Crunch
December2011Pomegranate Kick
December2011Sticky Toffee Pudding
November2011Maple and Brown Sugar
November2011Bacon Chocolate Chip
November2011Pumpkin Pecan
October2011Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl
October2011Abbey of Gethsemani Pawpaw
October2011Caramel Apple
September2011Fruit Punch
September2011Churro with Cajeta
September2011Dark Chocolate Chip Coconut
August2011Peanut Butter and Jelly
August2011Blackberry Lemonade Twist
August2011Banana Split
July2011Sweet Corn
July2011Banana Pudding
June2011Vanilla Lavender
June2011Hoosier Strawberry
May2011Chocolate Caramel
May2011Cherry Limeade
May2011Sun King Brewery Ring of Dingle
April2011Roasted Coconut
April2011Carrot and Gingersnaps
April2011Chocolate Covered Pretzel
March2011Crunchy Cinnamon
March2011Chocolate Chocolate Chip
February2011Raspberry Chocolate Chip
February2011Key Lime
February2011Bananas Foster
January2011Coffee Chocolate Chip
January2011Pineapple and Mango
January2011Banana Cinnamon
December2010Candy Cane
December2010Very Vanilla Bean
November2010Cranberry and White Chocolate
November2010Pumpkin Pie
November2010Turkey with Sage Dressing
October2010Chocolate Chip Caramel
October2010Cookies and Cream
October2010Saffron and Pistachio
September2010Caramel Apple
September2010Pawpaw Almond
September2010Sweet Potato and Ginger
August2010Cotton Candy
August2010Crunchy Cinnamon
August2010Sour Lemon Shake Up
July2010Blackberry Vanilla
July2010Caramel Pecan Praline
June2010Cherry Limeade
June2010Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Malted Milk Balls
May2010Honey Lavender
May2010Roasted Pineapple
May2010Banana Pudding
April2010Triple Berry
April2010Peanut Butter and Jelly
April2010Chocolate Chip Caramel
March2010Chocolate Chocolate Chip
February2010Pomegranate Rose
February2010Chocolate Swirl
February2010Blood Orange
January2010Dr. Peppery
January2010White Chocolate Snow
January2010Winter Spice